This Earth Month we asked our team in what ways they have made mindful living an essential in their day-to-day. As women who love the ocean as much as we are neighbors to it, we do see it as our responsibility to do our part as a team to help in conservation. According to Ocean Crusaders there are believed to be 46,000 pieces of plastic in every square mile of ocean.

We, as a company, want to aid in that crisis and not be the problem. We proudly carry brands whose ethics and production align to our values of conservation: Vitamin A, Swim Systems, Stone Fox Swim, & L Space.

“When I was first introduced to sustainability in swimwear by Vitamin A, it opened my eyes to the impact we were having as consumers. It inspired me that I can make a difference with small everyday changes that hopefully will help a big problem.” -Bobbi Haas, Director of Marketing
“To live a sustainable life is to live a life in which I am conscious about my impact on the earth & through that consciousness, I make decisions that are respectful of the earth and its beauty. I practice resourcefulness, I value and prioritize sustainable packaging and materials, and I limit my consumption when I can.” - Ash Ivaska, Shift lead
“This year I really decided I was going to be more mindful of everything in my life, starting with my food and even with my fashion decisions. Even my wedding dress was sustainable! After educating myself & some influence from accountable friends, I began to make these choices to save our beloved earth. I repurposed these chic candle jars from the shop and use a bamboo toothbrush! Sustainable and stylish!” - Gigi Bond, Social Coordinator
April 10, 2023 — Miranda MUSIC

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